"It is important to expect nothing, to take every experience, including the negative ones, as merely steps on the path, and to proceed." -Ram Dass

About The Founder

Namaste! My name is Cat Freeman (she/her), founder of From Heal To Grow. My love for holistic health and wellness has always been a huge motivator for my own life. I suffered severe body dysmorphia in high school, and developed bulimia nervosa at age 14. While secretly managing my eating disorder, I became curious about plant based lifestyles, and decided to switch to vegetarianism when I was 15.. A few years later, I became vegan. I still struggle with triggers, however - during the time in between then and now, a lot has changed for me, including diet. I gained 60 pounds while I was pregnant with my daughter in 2017, suffered with PPD after giving birth, and gained another 20 pounds. I suffered from cystic acne, anxiety, uncontrollable twitching in my right eye and was diagnosed as pre-diabetic in 2018.

Having diabetes run in my family, I decided to take action to increase my serotonin levels through mindful eating habits, as well as create a life that is sustainable and healthy for not only myself, but for my daughter and those who I care so deeply for.

After experiencing a tremendous loss of my daughter's father in 2020, I was forced to sit within my own soul, and figure out how to live my life to the fullest capacity, all while healing my own wounds, and the sudden loss of someone who held such an important part of my being. A few months later, I lost my great-grandfather. During these times, I have found the peace within the struggles.

I enrolled at Everglades University in 2020, where I studied Alternative Medicine for some time, before moving on to another opportunity to better suit my lifestyle.

This past year, I was blessed by the Universe with a scholarship to receive something that has been a dream of mine for so long: a 200 hour yoga teacher training. But not just any training - a Trauma Informed Teacher Training. This training alone has stripped me to my core, and has given me the chance to reflect and grow through my own personal conquests through vulnerability. I am so excited to announce that I will be training for Trauma Sensitive Children's Yoga Teacher Training this fall.

After being exposed to the healing benefits of yoga, my quest for more answers to my own healing journey was still lingering. I signed up to become a Holistic Health Coach through the Institute for Integrative Nutrition this year, and I was also able to become a Reiki Practitioner through Duke Integrative Nutrition in May 2021.

I am currently residing in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia, surrounded by mountains (a Taurus' playground) with my loving partner, beautiful daughter, two lovely pups, a wild cat and my sweet hedgehog, coaching like minded individuals through their own personal victories, obstacles, doubts, excitements and fears.

With so much love,